Learn how to stay safe during a windstorm with these helpful tips, and remember to have superior protection with the best Windstorm Insurance Florida has to offer!


As a resident of the state of Florida, it is common knowledge that hurricane season is in full swing. It is important for everyone to stay safe during this period, especially when it comes to wind storms. While high winds are commonly associated with severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, and Nor ‘easters, they may also occur as a result of differences in air pressures. The following are some safety precautions that can be taken when a storm comes along:

Preparing for High Winds
In advance of any storm, be sure your property is secure. Remove any dead trees or overhanging branches near structures, loose roofing materials and objects in yards, patios, roofs, or balconies that could blow away. If a high wind warning is issued:
Take shelter and tune in to local weather forecasts issued by the National Weather Service.
Shutter windows securely and brace outside doors.
Bring in unsecured objects from patios and balconies.

Safety Tips
The safest place to be during high winds is indoors.
Watch for flying debris.
Take cover next to a building or under a shelter. Stand clear of roadways or train tracks.
Avoid anything that may be touching downed lines, including vehicles or tree branches.
Do not touch anyone who has been shocked who may be in direct or indirect contact with a power line.
When driving, keep both hands on the wheel and slow down.
If winds are severe enough to prevent safe driving, get onto the shoulder of the road and stop.
If a line falls on your car, stay inside the vehicle. Do not to touch any of the metal frame of your vehicle. Honk your horn, roll down the window and warn anyone who may approach of the danger.

High winds can cause a lot of destruction and a storm will not stop for whoever is in its way. A result of a windstorm could be downed trees and power lines, flying debris and building collapses, power outages, and injury or death. This is why St. John’s Insurance is here to save you with the best windstorm insurance Florida has to offer!

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