Flooding is Common in Florida


In a flood safety study conducted over a 24 year period, Florida ranked third on the list of States with most monetary loss due to flooding. If you live in Florida you’re probably familiar with the damage that hurricanes and tropical storms can cause, but you may not be familiar with some of these facts regarding Florida’s topography:

  • Florida has more than 1,700 streams and rivers.
  • The longest river is the St. Johns which empties into the Atlantic 19 miles east of Jacksonville. It is estimated to be around 300 miles long.
  • No point in the state is more than 70 miles from salt water.
  • The highest point is believed to be a hilltop in the panhandle, around 345 ft above sea level.
  • Almost all the southeastern peninsula and the entire southern end are covered by the Everglades, the world’s largest sawgrass swamp.
  • For much of the geological history of the US, Florida was under water.

According to National Geographic, disaster experts classify floods based on their likelihood of occurring. For example, a hundred-year flood is a disastrous event that is only expected to occur once every century. Over the past few decades, though, hundred-year floods have been occurring with shocking regularity. This is believed to be in response to climate change.

 While we can’t guarantee you won’t be affected by a flood, we can guarantee your losses will be covered with Florida flood insurance. Contact your St Johns Insurance agent today for information regarding flooding in your area and advice on how to protect your home.