Are your medicines stored safely?

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The average American household has numerous medicines that can cause serious health problems when taken in excessive amounts by adults and children. Parents have the responsibility of storing prescription drugs and over-the-counter medication away from the reach of their precious kids. The traditional medicine cabinet in the kitchen or bathroom is simply not the best place to store medication. Young children can easily get their hands on anything that is stored in a cabinet that’s installed at a relatively low height. Parents should store medicine in the upper cabinets that simply cannot be accessed by small children. Child-proof latches and other locks can also be installed to provide extra measures of security for the kitchen cabinets that contain medication.

Parents might also consider using combination locks and other similar hardware to secure medicine in the home. After all, children might become mischievous even after being told to stay away from any prescription drugs and other medicines that belong to their parents. It’s also not a wild idea to put away medicine in some sort of safe that contains important documents and valuables. In reality, painkillers and psychoactive drugs are just as dangerous as rifles, guns, knives and other weapons. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to store such potent pills in a safe that has firearms and ammunition.

Kids are also likely to abuse certain over-the-counter medication that is a substitute for illegal or prescription drugs. For example, codeine is a powerful ingredient in many cough syrups that are sold in pharmacies. It’s quite possible for teenagers to get high of any cold medicine that contains codeine. Parents should also be aware of the dangers of leaving rubbing alcohol in the first aid kit. Kids can drink this antiseptic product as a substitute for liquor. Iodine tincture is also quite hazardous even when ingested in small amounts. In fact, iodine tincture in liquid form is much more toxic compared to rubbing alcohol.

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