Coming Soon: Driverless Cars

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The technology for driverless cars is readily available in many premium vehicles. Active safety features essentially define the platform for completely autonomous cars. Cruise control is perhaps one of the oldest features that allows for some level of automated driving. These days, there is adaptive cruise control that actually responds to road conditions without much input from the person behind the steering wheel.

Responsive technology is the key to driverless cars that can actually navigate the roads safely. Multiple cameras and other optical systems must be installed to continuously monitor the surroundings. Radar sensors also have to be set up to accurately measure the distance between driverless cars and other vehicles or obstructions. As of today, there are plenty of cars that utilize such advanced technology in order to reduce accidents. For example, radar is integrated into lane departure alerts in modern cars. Similarly, multiple camera lenses are utilized to generate detailed views behind a car. Automated driving is all about technology that can respond to the environment promptly without any mechanical input from a driver. In the future, autonomous cars might come with voice control features that allow a driver to sit back and make commands on turns, acceleration and gear shifts. After all, voice command technology already exists for audio and GPS navigation controls.

Driverless cars must be equipped with smart software that provides precise guidance on the road. Such vehicles will have to be connected to much more than just several satellites that send GPS signals. Autonomous cars need a reliable highs-speed Internet connection to access information from the Web. Apps from search engines, weather stations and local motor vehicle departments will become standard features in the software of driverless cars. Such automobiles must process relevant data quickly and make the appropriate adjustments in routes based on real-time traffic conditions. To a certain extent, live traffic and weather feeds are currently used to optimize GPS navigation systems in premium vehicles.

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