4 Insurance Questions For Policyholders In Jacksonville And Ponte Vedra Beach

Insurance coverage is always important, but it more important to ensure the correct level and type of coverage is in place. Many policyholders in the Ponte Vedra Beach and Jacksonville, FL areas have not reviewed their insurance coverage for years, which may mean their insurance no longer covers their home, automobile or life insurance needs.

To ensure you have the correct insurance questions, we recommend all policyholders ask themselves these 4 insurance questions. If you are not sure of the answers or if the answers indicate potential gaps in your coverage, St. Johns Insurance Agency is here to help with affordable insurance solutions.

Have the policy or policies been reviewed in the last year?

It is a good idea for all policyholders to review their insurance coverage with their agent at least once a year. This will address any change in coverage requirements and prevent possible gaps in coverage.

Have you had a life change?

Changes in life such as marriage, the birth of a child, a home, divorce, retirement or even changes in jobs can result in the need to consider increasing or decreasing your coverage.

Have you had an insurance analysis?

Many people have been adding to their insurance coverage over the years. This may lead to over coverage in some areas and not enough in others. Of all the 4 insurance questions, this one can help to reduce your insurance premiums by eliminating duplicate or overlapping coverage.

Can I save money?

At St. Johns Insurance Agency, we a can answer that question by reviewing your policies, adjusting coverage for life changes and also providing a comprehensive analysis of your current insurance coverage.

We can get started today in providing top insurance solutions for current or new policyholders in the Ponte Vedra Beach and Jacksonville, FL, areas. Just give us a call at 800-695-3571.