Florida Condo Insurance


Adding Condo Insurance For Peace Of Mind

Condos and townhomes are very popular in the Ponte Vedra Beach and Jacksonville, FL, areas. These may be year-round residences, or they may be homes for snowbirds traveling from more northerly areas to enjoy our beautiful winter weather.

Condo associations will have basic insurance on common or shared areas of the buildings. In other words, each member of the condo will have part ownership in those common areas and will have the insurance coverage benefits to cover damage or liability issues within those locations.

However, within your own condo, the insurance coverage from the condo association is not in place. This means that residents need to have their own condo insurance to protect their personal property. Many condo owners may not have condominium insurance in place, which puts them at risk if there is damage to their personal property or to protect them in the event someone is injured in the unit.

The Cost of Condo and Townhome Insurance Coverage

At St. Johns Insurance Agency, we work with top insurance companies offering condo and townhome insurance coverage. This allows us to shop insurance providers to find the best-priced policy offering the coverage required by our customers.

The cost of these condo insurance policies is very reasonable. At the same time, it provides residents with the peace of mind in the event of theft, damage or injury on their property.

To find out more about the benefits of condominium insurance for Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, contact one of our agents today at 800-695-3571.