Florida Flood Insurance


Do I Need Flood Insurance In Ponte Vedra Beach And Jacksonville, FL?

At St. Johns Insurance Agency, questions about the need for flood insurance coverage are some of the most common we hear. Depending on where you live in Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, flood coverage, different types of flood insurance policies will be available.

Flood insurance will cover a range of different types of damage by water. This includes flooding through heavy rainfall or sustained wet weather, when storm drains back up, as well as when storm surges drive water onshore or cause flooding in and around the St. Johns River. While extremely uncommon in Florida, flood insurance policies will also provide coverage in the event of flooding due to rapid snowmelt.

Two Types of Policies

Depending on where your residence is located in the Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, areas, coverage may be in the form of a standard flood insurance policy or a preferred risk flood insurance policy.

The Standard Flood Insurance is for areas which are part of the National Flood Insurance Program or NFIP. These are areas with floodplain ordinances and management practices voluntarily adopted by the community. There are separate policies for the structure and the contents of the home.

The Preferred Risk flood insurance coverage is ideal for homes in low-risk areas for flooding. This is a voluntary type of flood insurance, but it can be invaluable in the event of a flood developing or spreading to a low-risk neighborhood.

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