Florida Home Insurance


Evaluating Home Insurance For Ponte Vedra Beach And Jacksonville, FL, Owners

Buying a home will be the single biggest purchase for most individuals and couples. Lenders and mortgage companies will require the homeowner to carry home insurance to protect their Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, investment. However, over time, it may be possible to reduce coverage or to choose additional coverage based on the specific issues for the individual home.

Even after the home is paid off, it is still a very wise decision to have a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy in place. The experts at St. Johns Insurance Agency will work with you to determine the ideal homeowners insurance policy coverage for your residence.

Not every home insurance policy is the same. It is essential to work with an insurance agent who understands the basic policies as well as the additional or supplemental policies possible for the home.

The Basics

As an independent insurance agent, we are able to shop homeowners insurance policy options from several different insurance companies. All of the basic policies we recommend will include protection and coverage for the home’s structure, the contents of the home up to the policy limit, replacement costs as well as living expenses if the home is destroyed or significantly damaged in a disaster.

Additionally, home insurance basic policies will also provide liability coverage in the event of personal or property damage.

The Supplemental

As flooding may be a concern in some Ponte Vedra Beach and Jacksonville, FL, areas, we may also recommend flood policies for homes. We can also provide extra coverage for valuable items or umbrella policies for additional coverage limits.

To find out more, give St. Johns Insurance Agency a call today at 800-695-3571. We can discuss your coverage requirements and find a policy customized to your needs.