Insurance for Your Off Road Vehicle


St. Johns Insurance Offers the Ideal Way to Protect Your Off Road Vehicle

When you take your vehicle off road, you need the insurance to match, so that you can get the most out of your adventure with peace of mind. St. Johns Insurance offers off road vehicle insurance for your ATV, dirt bike or other vehicle to protect it from damage, theft and more. Our policies are constructed to suit the type of off road vehicle you own and the unique way you use it.

ATV Insurance

All-terrain vehicles are built for fun and allow you to tackle challenging terrain with ease. Whether you use yours mostly on the farm or spend the weekends exploring, the investment you make in your ATV means spending a lot of time and money in getting it fixed should the unexpected occur. You may think that your homeowners insurance will have you covered, but should your ATV be stolen or part of an accident, the cost in repairing or replacing it can be a major financial burden.

St. Johns Insurance protects ATVs no matter what happens. We particularly help those who require insurance for use of state land four wheeler trail networks. No matter the scenario you find yourself in, our range of coverage options are designed to protect you in every circumstance.

Dirt Bike Insurance

Whether you are a recreational rider or you partake in races at your local track, your dirt bike is one of your most prized possessions. Those who race are required to have insurance and registration, and there are many other scenarios where insurance is necessary. Protect your investment the right way with an off road vehicle insurance policy from St. Johns Insurance.

Side-by-Side and Full Size 4WD Insurance

Even if your vehicle is not registered and you do not drive it often, the high value of your vehicle means that insurance is essential. Given the amount of money you invest in your vehicle, protecting it with an insurance policy from St. Johns Insurance offers you the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to incidents such as theft and accidents, such as having your side by side fall from a trailer, or the damage caused by your Jeep rolling over onto another person’s vehicle. Just because your vehicle may never see the road, it does not mean that you should leave it at risk! Buy an affordable insurance policy to prepare you for the unexpected.

St. Johns Insurance offers free quotes for personalized insurance coverage on quad bikes, buggies, side by side bikes and other off road vehicles. Protect your important assets and call today at (800) 695-33517.