Florida Renters Insurance


3 Reasons To Have Renters Insurance

Renting is an ideal option for many people. It is common for young adults, couples, families and for retirees living in the Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, areas. It offers a great way to get to know the community and the various neighborhoods before buying a home or a condo, and it also makes a cost-effective option for those who love to travel or simply do not want the cost and work involved in home ownership.

Anyone renting a home, apartment, condo, townhome or duplex should have renters insurance. This is extremely low-cost insurance coverage to protect your personal possessions and property as well as to cover property damage and personal liability.

There are three important reasons to have renters insurance coverage. Our agents at St. Johns Insurance Agency can discuss the importance of this coverage and also provide you with options in renters insurance policies to fit in your budget.

Personal Property Coverage

Renters insurance is designed to provide coverage for your personal property, not for the building. This means a low monthly rate to cover damage and loss of electronics, clothing, and household items.

Damage to the Rental Unit

All renters insurance policies will provide protection if the rental unit is damaged through a covered loss. Be sure to read the policy and understand what type of damage is covered.

Personal Injury and Liability Coverage

If someone is hurt inside your apartment, personal liability renters insurance coverage will cover the cost of medical bills and associated expenses.

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